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Jasob just got better!
What's New in Jasob 4.2

* Mark names with regular expression.
* Updated system names.
* Fixed bug with obfuscation of arrow operator.
What's New in Jasob 4.1
* Fixed bug with obfuscation of certain CSS selectors.
* Fixed bug with saving settings for individual name occurrences in strings.
* Fixed bug with preserving a space between adjacent server side code after the obfuscation.
What's New in Jasob 4.0
* NEW! Added support for HTML 5, CSS 3, SVG, jQuery and jQuery UI.
* NEW! Exclude non-JavaScript/CSS code from obfuscation.
* NEW! Improved algorithm for obfuscated names generation.
* Fixed bug with dots and arbitrary number of backslashes in a row in file paths.

JavaScript Obfuscator

Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator protects, compresses and optimizes JavaScript, CSS and HTML code for faster download and execution speeds. JavaScript is a scripting programming language used in millions of Web pages worldwide. Scripting languages are not compiled, so JavaScript source code has to be downloaded together with the Web page in order to be run by the Web browser. This has several drawbacks and the most important one is that JavaScript source code can be easily viewed by anyone. All it takes is to open the Web page in the Web browser and to choose option View Source. This means that anyone can steal your JavaScript code, modify it and reuse it for his own purposes.

Obfuscate JavaScript and compress JavaScript code.

Protect JavaScript and compress JavaScript code.

With Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator your JavaScript code will become impossible to understand thus preventing anyone to steal and modify it. Its size will typically shrink for around 70% which will significantly improve download time and execution speed in the Web browser. How Jasob achieves this? Jasob reads files with JavaScript code and replaces descriptive variable and function names like Customer, Salary, FirstName... with meaningless names like d, g, m... It also removes comments and unnecessary white space characters (space, tab, carriage return, line feed). The functionality of the code remains the same while source code changes dramatically. This process is called JavaScript obfuscation, and the tool is called JavaScript obfuscator. Obfuscated code is impossible to reverse-engineer and extremely hard or impossible to understand. Jasob also handles Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code in a similar fashion as JavaScript code and also removes white space characters and comments from non-JavaScript/CSS code (like from HTML code). Along with other features, this makes Jasob a complete solution for Web content optimization. Distribute obfuscated version of your Web content and keep your original source code for yourself!

JavaScript Obfuscator

The following is the example of the JavaScript source code:

// Calculate salary for each employee in "aEmployees".
// "aEmployees" is array of "Employee" objects.
function CalculateSalary(aEmployees)
   var nEmpIndex = 0;
   while (nEmpIndex < aEmployees.length)
      var oEmployee = aEmployees[nEmpIndex];
      oEmployee.fSalary = CalculateBaseSalary(oEmployee.nType, 
      if (oEmployee.bBonusAllowed == true)
         oEmployee.fBonus = CalculateBonusSalary(oEmployee.nType, 
         oEmployee.fBonus = 0;
      oEmployee.sSalaryColor = GetSalaryColor(oEmployee.fSalary + 

And the following is the obfuscated version of the same JavaScript code produced by Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator:

function c(g){var m=0;while(m<g.length){var r=g[m];r.l=d(r.n,r.o);if(r.j==true){

As you can see, the obfuscated JavaScript code created by Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator is extremely hard or impossible to understand. Also, its size is much smaller which allows for better download time and faster execution in the Web browser.

Look at the impressive list of Jasob Features.

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Jasob is used by hundreds of companies and individuals to protect and optimize their Web content.
"...We searched around for a solution that would allow us to easily obfuscate our JavaScript objects and Jasob saved the day. Jasob's approach to obfuscation allows us to achieve maximum compression which means less download time for our users. Obfuscation also makes it very difficult for someone to hijack our code and use it for their own purposes. PS: I love the fact that updates are emailed to me as soon as they're released. Thank you Jasob!"
Matt Wilson, Director, USA Development & Support, CAFM Solutions Inc.
"...Jasob works very well for us! We are using Jasob to protect and compress Javascript code inside our iMacros software for visual Web automation and Web testing. We found Jasob easy to use with a very powerful command line interface, so we can integrate it seamlessly into our build process. Jasob is a great addition to our development toolbox."
Mathias Roth, iOpus Inc.
"...I personally take a lot of pride in choosing Jasob because I spent a good couple of months scouring the Internet looking for the right one. The reason was because I wanted one that I could use and recommend to others for a long time to come. Since my job involves a lot of JavaScript work obfuscation is incredibly important to me. I looked high and low at every obfuscator you could imagine. I researched everything, from the free ones to really expensive ones and none of them quite fit the bill. Jasob was so impressive that I was rather shocked that the price was so affordable. There were obfuscators that I was reviewing that were priced really high but were so insanely difficult to use that there was no contest when compared to Jasob. I built Jasob directly into my one-step Web deployment installer in a matter of a day. Everything about the interface to the command-line usage made sense, unlike all of the other ones I tried. So as you can see I'm a big fan and I'll be using and recommending this software for a long time. Keep up the great work!"
Brent Matzelle, CEO, Hovitate LLC
"...Jasob has been most valuable in the development of BaseCase Interactive. The GUI allowed us fine-grained control of the specifics of the obfuscation, a necessity on our large project. That it could be invoked from the command-line allowed us to integrate it smoothly with our development process, saving valuable time."
Gijs Hubben, Basecase GmbH
"...We have used Jasob for several projects and found it to be an easy to use, effective obfuscator. It is the best value application around with all the functionality we need. Jasob also provide great technical support whenever we have had any questions. Highly recommended!"
Rob McMahon, www.mapchannels.com
"...Our project involves converting our JavaScript source and making sure it works in a wide variety of browsers. We evaluated numerous obfuscators and Jasob was the one that resulted in code that worked without tweaking in all our browsers! It was also easy to setup a batch process to integrate into our development process."
Rich Andrews, CTO, SmartWebDesign LLC
"...The wonderful professionals at Genesis Mobile have been very adaptive to our needs, they always listen to what the customer needs which makes them a class organization to work with."
Samer Bazzi, KoolIM LLC

Partial Client List

  • Cisco Systems
  • Autodesk
  • Sophos
  • Open Text
  • Infragistics
  • Servigistics
  • ViaMichelin
  • Swisscom / Innovations
  • LEAD Technologies
  • Saxo Bank
  • Genesys Conferencing
  • Motive
  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
  • Reuters Financial Software
  • SHI
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan
  • Lenel Systems International
  • Neuf Cegetel
  • PixelPlay
  • ICS
  • Synergy International Systems
  • 123Live
  • Navio Systems
  • ContextWeb
  • Archer Technologies
  • Ortikon Interactive
  • Box UK
  • Anystream
  • Clarient
  • HOB
  • Cendyn
  • Donlen Corporation
  • GATCO Technologies
  • iParadigms
  • Algorithmics
  • RealBird
  • Interspire